Lighting for your smart home

Smart home lighting

MR Connect understand that lighting is fundamental to the ambience of every room and should be integral to the initial design phase of any new home. Our centralised smart home lighting allows you to highlight architectural features without the bother of individually assigned switches or illuminate an empty home from anywhere in the world.

Let smart systems light the way

Our lighting requirements will vary throughout the home at different times of the day. Meet all of these requirements without touching an individual switch or changing a lightbulb with a Smart Home Lighting system. MR Connect work closely with our customers to design their bespoke lighting controls whilst considering the best control platform and selecting quality lighting fixtures matched to their home interiors

Improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy bills

Add an additional security layer to your home when away with set lighting schedules

Change your lighting’s tone, colour and ambience in any area of the home without needing to swap out bulbs or touch switches

Store your lighting preferences for next time

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Is going wireless right for you?

Whilst wireless lighting control systems are often favoured by our customers, we do not assume wireless is the right path for everyone so we will always discuss the best option with our customers during the initial design phase.

Without the need for wiring, wireless lighting systems are less complex and therefore, cheaper to install but they can come with limitations, namely a limit to the number of connected devices.

Wired systems may be more expensive due to the purchasing and installation of cabling and fixtures and may not allow customers the same flexibility as wireless, but customers’ homes will always benefit from a fixed and dependable lighting system.

We recommend our customers book a consultation with our lighting design expert who will discuss the advantages of each lighting system and support them in choosing the one that best suits their needs.

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