Providing a range of smart home services

Mr Connect provide a range of smart home services and custom installations based around your specific needs and preferences. Our professional team will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that your desired end is reached with before, during and after you project is completed.

How MR Connect work with you

1. Contact us

Organise a consultation with our experts and we’ll meet you to discuss your needs and equipment specification while advising on how to integrate smart technologies into your project

2. Design

We work with several architects assisting them with the design of their HCS requirements

3. Project Management

Assisting the architect’s clients to provides HCS solutions to meet their everyday needs

4. Installation

Undertaken by our qualified engineers, work closely with all stakeholders to ensure an effective and efficient installation

5. Configuration

The FUN part, where we work with you to help you understand and get the best from your HCS

6. On-going support

It is essential for your Customer Support Manager to be accessible to you 24/7. Generally support can be dealt with but when its not, we will be there withing 24 hrs.

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Core Services

Other services we provide

The concept of having your whole home controlled with just a few swipes on your phone is the promise of the ‘smart’ or connected home. From heating that warms the house when you’re on your way home, to front-door locks, lights, security, electric blinds and CCTV cameras that you can control and check from afar. An integrated home allows you to control all the items you want.

We are also connected to the cooling, main gates, garage doors, intruder alarm, irrigation, and water features. For more information on the additional smart technologies and systems that MR Connect can assist you with, please contact us.

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